410 Bore – 3″ 3/4oz. #7.5 Shot – Winchester Double X Diamond Grade – 10 Rounds


Quantity – 10 Rounds
Manufacturer – Winchester
Load – 3” 3/4oz. #7.5 Shot


Winchester Double X Diamond Grade for sale.Even a little 410 Bore shell can anchor the mighty

in a single blow when it’s loaded with the right shot. And Winchester’s Double X Diamond Grade ammo is loaded with some of the highest-tech, hardest-hitting lead shot on the market!

This long shell’s #7.5 shot is hardened by the addition of 8% antimony. The heavy metal makes the lead it is added to as tough as nails, at once deformation-resistant and deep-penetrating. It’s almost overkill when it has been additionally plated with copper! At the end of the day this powerful shell is able to put 20% more pellets into a target at a distance of 30 yards, so you can take a clever bird without having to get so close to it that it can smell what you had for breakfast.

Winchester’s ultra-hard shot is prevented from scratching up your barrel thanks to this shell’s long wad, which extends the entire length of the shot column. The shell’s high brass head promotes smooth extraction, and its sleek black hull boasts the durability of a good handloading component.Winchester Double X Diamond Grade for sale


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