500 Rounds of .223 Ammo by Federal American Eagle – 55gr FMJBT


Ammo Quantity – 500 rounds per case; 100 rounds per box
Ammo Manufacturer – Federal
Projectiles – 55 grain full metal jacket boat tail (FMJBT)
Ammo Casings – Boxer-primed brass
Muzzle Velocity – 3,240 fps
Muzzle Energy – 1,282 ft lbs


Buy .223 Ammo by Federal American Eagle online.Federal’s military-grade American Eagle 223

Rem ammunition hails from the great state of Minnesota,

a magical place where people eat hotdish and insist that Prince was a better musician than Jimi Hendrix. It’s the perfect choice of ammo for any kind of range training with an AR-15, and it’s good to have on hand for home defense, too!

Federal loads this round with their 55 grain full metal jacket boat tail projectile. It’s first and foremost a target shooting bullet, with the smooth jacket it needs to feed reliably and a boat tail to cut down on in-flight drag. Its toothed cannelure helps the bullet remain seated at the optimal depth in its case. This bullet does pack a considerable punch, of course, and the FMJ’s tendency to burst into fragments as it pierces soft tissue makes its terminal effect unpleasant to say the least.

Federal’s 223 Rem is non-magnetic, non-corrosive and reloadable. Its brass cases only look a little ugly because they weren’t buffed up after they were heat treated, but to be sure they have never before seen the light of day!


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