525 Rounds of .22 LR Ammo by Remington – 36gr HP


Bullet Type – 36gr HP
Quantity – 525 Rounds
Manufacturer – Remington
Origin – Lonoke, Arkansas
Casing – Rimfire-primed brass

Category: Product ID: 7312


This .22 LR “Golden Bullet” ammunition from Remington is well suited to both target shooting and varmint hunting. Each cartridge in this box of 525 fires a 36 grain brass plated hollow point bullet at a high muzzle velocity of 1,280 feet per second, delivering strong expansion against small game like squirrels or rabbits.

Remington Golden Bullet ammunition is loaded in Lonoke, Arkansas using brass cases. It is a new and improved design that provides more reliable cycling in semi-automatics and more reliable ignition and ballistics overall.


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