500 Rounds of 9mm Ammo by Remington MIL/LE Training – 115gr FMJ


Ammo Quantity – 500 rounds per case; 50 rounds per box
Ammo Manufacturer – Remington
Projectiles – 115 grain full metal jacket (FMJ)
Ammo Casings – Boxer-primed brass
Muzzle Velocity – 1,145 fps
Muzzle Energy – 335 ft lbs

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Under normal circumstances, you’d have to join the police or the U.S. Armed Forces to get you hands on Remington’s MIL/LE Training 9mm ammunition. But if you’d rather not get a buzz cut or wake up at 0500 hours, then you’ll be relieved to learn you can order this fine training ammunition from Bulk Ammo!

Remington doesn’t do anything experimental when they load 9mm ammo for their government contracts. This cartridge has the 9mm’s lightweight 115 grain projectile, which generates sufficient chamber pressure to cycle any semi-auto before achieving a supersonic muzzle velocity.

The FMJ’s round nose profile feeds nice and smooth and is aerodynamic to enhance accuracy, but it’s unable to expand its diameter when it meets with resistance from soft tissue. In short, you want to use ball ammo solely for target shooting unless no better alternative is available.

Remington’s nonmagnetic FMJ is seated in a virgin brass case. Brass is reloadable, promotes cleaner performance by sealing the chamber during ignition, and extracts most reliably from a semi-auto. Non-corrosive Boxer primers and low-fouling propellant will preserve your firearm’s functionality in between cleanings!


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