250 Rounds of 20ga Ammo by Fiocchi – 3/4 ounce #7-1/2 shot


Ammo Quantity – 250 rounds per case; 25 rounds per box
Ammo Manufacturer – Fiocchi
Shot Load – #7.5 shot
Shell Length – 2-3/4″
Muzzle Velocity – 1,075 fps

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Low recoil ammunition is great for a number of applications! Are you training a pipsqueak shooter for their first big duck hunting adventure? Are you yourself not the largest human specimen the great creator ever put together? Are you planning the mother of all trapshooting days and want to avoid fatigue? In any event, this case of 20 Gauge ammo from Fiocchi’s Exacta label is going to take proper care of the task at hand.

This yellow shell has a light charge of shot – 3/4 ounces, which is nearly half as much as a standard 12 Gauge shell. This shell’s muzzle velocity is also slow at a subsonic 1,075 fps. Less mass and less speed equals less recoil energy. You’ll barely feel it at all when you fire this shell!

This shell’s #7.5 shot is a versatile size for target shooting, and may also be used for hunting upland game like dove or punishing varmints for trespassing in your yard. Fiocchi loads clean-burning primers and propellant, and the hard yellow plastic this shell’s hull is made from will remain intact if you want to handload.


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