250 Rounds of 12ga Ammo by Fiocchi – 7/8 ounce #7.5 shot


Ammo Quantity – 250 rounds per case; 25 rounds per box
Ammo Manufacturer – Fiocchi
Shot Load – #7.5 shot
Shell Length – 2-3/4″

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This Italian-designed and American-made 12 Gauge shotshell by Fiocchi is exactly what a dedicated trap or skeet enthusiast ought to invest in in bulk. It’s a cost effective load without sparing the consistently tight and fast-flying pattern that disintegrating clays demands!

This shell is loaded with 7/8 ounces of #7.5 lead shot. That’s a relatively slight payload for a 12 Gauge shell, which means you’ll enjoy significantly less recoil as you’re taking the fight to clays. It’s also a large factor that contributes to this shell’s excellent price tag. Fiocchi makes their shot hard, so it can preserve its round, accurate form as it’s pushed rapidly down the barrel.

Fiocchi has been in business for too long for anyone to claim they don’t know exactly what they’re doing. These 250 shells are all interchangeable with one another in terms of their components. Every trigger pull will effect a sensitive, non-corrosive primer to ignite a clean burning propellant charge that delivers a fast 1,350 fps muzzle velocity. Even with a whole case, you’ll inevitably wish you had more!


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