200 Rounds of 12ga Ammo by Sterling – 1-3/16 ounce 00 buck


Ammo Quantity – 200 rounds per case; 10 rounds per box
Ammo Manufacturer – Sterling
Shot Load – 00 buck
Shell Length – 2-3/4″
Muzzle Velocity – 1,296 fps

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Looking for a case of 12 Gauge ammunition that you can divide equally among your hunting adventures and your home defense strategy? Then unplug the searchlights and send the dogs off to bed – we have 200-round cases of 00 buckshot loads by Sterling in stock!

This ammo’s manufacturer is a subsidiary of Turaç in Turkey. Sterling produces a variety of specialized shotshells including drone busters, but this all-purpose ammo is suitable for a wide variety of applications. Each shell is loaded with nine pellets of hard lead 00 buck, which at a muzzle velocity of 1,296 fps will distribute over 1,700 ft lbs of energy at close range.

Sterling’s shotshells are non-corrosive and loaded with clean-burning powder. These clear shells have strong steel heads, with brass plating for gentler feeding and extraction. Peer through the transparent hull and you’ll see Sterling’s hinged wad, which collapses during ignition to reduce felt recoil and combat muzzle to facilitate more accurate follow-up shots.


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