20 Rounds of 8×57 mm JS Mauser Ammo by Sellier & Bellot – 196gr SPCE


Quantity – 20 rounds
Manufacturer – Sellier & Bellot
Bullets – 196 grain Soft Point Cutting Edge(SPCE)
Casings – Boxer-primed Brass, Reloadable
Velocity – 2592 fps
Energy – 2923 ft-lbs

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More than a novelty, this is a fantastic round form a producer with an excellent reputation making ammunition in calibers just like this one: 8×57 (8mm Mauser). The High-quality build of this cartridge is what Sellier and Bellot is famous for, especially in the military rifle rounds arena. You can expect better than military surplus accuracy and a much better hunting performance due to the novel “Cutting edge soft point bullet”.

This 196 grain projectile operates like a tow part bullet, by having the tip push backwards into the bullet base and creating uniform expansion, unlike FMJ ammunition. The design has been popular for some of the more ancient rounds that S&B is producing that still have good followings from hunters who have sporterized versions of older military weapons and need a good performance out in the field when hunting (specifically) big game.

The controlled expansion offers hard hitting hunting performance without the added R&D costs or component costs of modern engineered bullets like those found in ultra-premium hunting cartridge brans lines. The Sellier & Bellot SPCE in the 8mm Mauser cartridge with Boxer primed, reloadable brass is a solid choice for those who don’t handload and want to pay a good price for a performance oriented round that doesn’t costs the same as the factory ultra-premiums do.


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