20 Rounds of 7.5x55mm Swiss Ammo by Prvi Partizan – 174gr FMJBT


Quantity – 20 rounds
Manufacturer – Prvi Partizan
Bullets – 174 grain Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail (FMJ-BT)
Casings – Boxer primed brass

Category: Product ID: 7171


An excellent choice for the military surplus shooter that cannot find any more of the cheap 1960’s through 1980’s 7.5x55Swiss ammo; or for those who need higher tolerances and better-quality control for custom barreled sporting rifles or other needs in 7.5×55 Swiss.

Prvi Partizan is a well-known, well vetted producer of military cartridges and has been used around the world by hundreds of military and law enforcement agencies; not to mention hundreds of thousands of American sport shooters. This particular round offers a staggeringly good value for this load that is becoming more and more difficult to find in a reloadable configuration and with good accuracy anymore. The flat shooting round has been popular with Mauser owners as a sporting rifle for over 80 years; and with mil surplus enthusiasts shooting the Mannlicher M1893 Carbine or similar rifles. It was even still the Swiss military cartridge up until 1990. Prvi Partizan understands the importance of loading a military cartridge to a specific specification and staying true to the roots of the cartridge. It’s made a very successful business doing just that.

This load shoots clean, flat and accurate at distance; offers good ballistics for hunters that might find this the round they prefer and offers excellent brass as a perk of the experience that is easily reloadable.


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