20 Rounds of .308 Win Ammo by Federal Premium – 165gr Sierra GameKing SPBT


Quantity – 20 rounds
Manufacturer – Federal Premium
Bullets – 165 grain Sierra GameKing soft point boat tail (SPBT)
Casings – Boxer-primed brass

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Best suited for your bolt guns that are used a few times a year or less for hunting big game that is applicable to the .308 Winchester round. This ammunition is priced higher than most rounds in the .308 realm, with the obvious price increase coming from the clearly superior components. The Protocols in place at Federal’s facilities ensure a nearly perfect round consistency for this load which comes equipped with the legendary Sierra Gameking projectile in 165 grain weight.

While it could be used in semi autos it probably doesn’t make as much sense, especially given the damage that many semi autos in .308 cause to the brass, which in this case can be reloaded several times and is a super high quality nickel plated brass cartridge case. The Gameking bullet is a soft point boat tail projectile with some of the best quality control in the industry and has proven lineage at the Sierra factory, producers of the most awarded projectile sin competition history (namely the Sierra Matchking).

A striking look to these cartridges just barely tells the story of the accuracy, reliability and versatility that this premium load is capable of.


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