20 Rounds of 30-30 Win Ammo by Prvi Partizan – 170gr FSP


Quantity – 20 rounds
Manufacturer – Prvi Partizan
Bullets – 170 grain flat soft-point (FSP)
Casings – Boxer-primed brass

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Prvi Partizan is making excellent quality rifle ammunition that offers top tier performance and old school reliability in a load that costs a fraction of the others on the market at the same level. The Serbian maker of 30-30 ammo has been in existence since 1928 and is very good at producing military and law enforcement type products as well as a few choice mainstream hunting cartridges at a reasonable price point. The materials/components and the build quality are excellent. Prvi Partizan has an impeccable reputation for reliability.

The classic hunting bullet is a flat nosed soft point that works well in the lever guns that the .30-30 is so popular with. The risk of accidental magazine tube discharge is exceptionally low when using this flat pointed soft point version and it has been a staple item in the American hunter’s arsenal for more than 100 years. The more than adequate 2182 feet per second velocity and the 1797 ft. lbs. of energy delivered at the muzzle makes this round right in line with the classic hunting load that made the cartridge famous for deer and other intermediate and large game animals.


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