20 Rounds of 30-06 Springfield Ammo by Hornady Custom Lite – 125gr SST


Quantity – 20 rounds
Manufacturer – Hornady Custom Lite
Bullet – 125 grain SST Polymer Tip
Casing – Boxer-primed brass

Category: Product ID: 7008


A fantastic cartridge for deer season when you love the .30-06 but don’t need the full power cartridges in the caliber and prefer a lower recoil option. This lightweight powder charge feeding a 125 grain projectile is a novel approach to hunting smaller “large” game like small and moderately sized deer. The very mild recoil relative to full power rounds is significantly easier to introduce new shooters to hunting and offers a tamer round to take down game that doesn’t require the same amount of knock down power the .30-06 usually is tailored to deliver.

As a legitimately Medium game round, this is a versatile addition to your .30-06 cartridge collection. It offers a very solid 2700 feet per second velocity and 2020 Ft. Lbs. energy at the barrel, and a strong 2130 feet per second velocity and 1260 Ft. Lbs. energy at 200 yards where the load is optimized for at factory. No overkill, just what you need during deer season, and just what you need to avoid excessive recoil when the full power of the .30-06 isn’t warranted.

This load features the SST Polymer tip projectile which offers excellent performance in a wide range of duties, specifically medium/big game purposes.


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