20 Rounds of .223 Ammo by Winchester Varmint-X – 40gr Polymer Tipped


Ammo Quantity – 20 rounds per box
Ammo Manufacturer – Winchester Varmint-X
Projectiles – 40 grain polymer tip (PT)
Ammo Casing – Boxer-primed brass

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This 223 Rem cartridge from Winchester’s Varmint X line of ammunition is specifically designed to give you the optimal solution for hunting everything from prairie dogs to coyote. It features a 40 grain projectile with a sleek polymer tip which both streamlines its profile for greater accuracy as well as promotes rapid expansion as it is driven into the bullet’s core upon impact. The bullet’s thin alloy jacket has an engineered sidewall profile to deliver devastatingly explosive fragmentation, which is made all the more lethal by its specially designed lead core.

The pairing of Winchester’s longtime understanding of what makes ammunition great paired with the industry’s cutting edge technology makes for a very effective round indeed. You can even get a little more play out these 20 rounds once you’ve fired them all, as their Boxer primed brass casings are fit for service at the reloading bench.


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