20 Rounds of .223 Ammo by Federal Tactical TRU – 55gr Sierra GameKing HPBT


Bullet – 55 Grain TRU HPBT
Manufacturer – Federal Tactical
Casing – Boxer primed brass
Quantity – 20 rounds per box
Muzzle Velocity – 3,320 fps

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These .223 Remington from Federal’s Tactical Rifle Urban (TRU) brand are built for accuracy and will exhibit amazing performance in varmint hunting, long range matches, and self-defense situations. Each cartridge is assembled from a reloadable brass casing equipped with a clean-sparking Boxer primer that is adorned with a treatment of sealant. This moisture blocking material ensures functionality throughout vehicle carry and long-term storage. The round is topped off with a 55 grain GameKing projectile from Sierra. Sierra’s GameKing consists of a hollow-point bullet with a boat-tail rear (HPBT) that is precision-engineered with a maximum weight deviation of 0.3 grains.

The HPBT’s overall shape give it excellent drag resistance in-flight while its thin frontal jacket facilitates rapid expansion upon impact and has been tested to yield an average penetration depth of eleven inches in ballistic gelatin. This performance translates to hard hits and clean drops on coyotes and human threats with minimal risk of over-penetration or lethal ricochet in the event of a missed shot. The light 55 grain weight gives the round manageable recoil and flat, steady stability from nearly any combination of barrel length and twist rate. This also matches numerous practice loads in both .223 and 5.56mm calibers for minimal POI/POA shift.


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