1000 Rounds of 7.62x39mm Ammo by Red Army Standard – 122gr FMJ


Ammo Quantity – 1,000 rounds per case; 20 rounds per box
Ammo Manufacturer – Red Army Standard
Projectiles – 122 grain full metal jacket (FMJ)
Ammo Casings – Berdan-primed steel

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Red Army Standard’s white box ammunition is made at Russia’s Tula Cartridge Plant and imported by Century International Arms, one of America’s foremost AK-47 retailers. This case of 7.62×39 ammo will let you enjoy your Kolesnikov as much as you like, and without dropping too much coin in the process, because its casing is made of affordable steel. Don’t worry about subjecting your semi-auto’s sensitive workings to an abrasive casing, as this round’s is coated in heat resistant polymer that greatly reduces metal-on-metal friction.

This cartridge’s 122 grain bullet falls right within the normal weight range for its caliber, and as such will deliver instructive ballistics at the range. Its jacket will prevent your riflings from quickly gumming up and losing their ability to stabilize the bullet in flight. These rounds are outfitted with sensitive non-corrosive Berdan primers and charges of clean burning propellant, so your rifle will be even cleaner for having run umpteen mags. A great value — we wouldn’t own an AK without at least 1,000 rounds on hand as well.


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