10 Rounds of .50 BMG Ammo by Hornady – 750gr A-MAX Match


Ammo Quantity – 10 Rounds per Box
Ammo Manufacturer – Hornady
Projectiles – 750 grain A-MAX Match
Ammo Casings – Boxer-primed Brass

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Hornady is obsessed with quality, and you’re obsessed with accuracy. The 50 BMG Match round with a 750 grain A-MAX bullet is one of the most technically sound long-range cartridges anywhere. Each box contains 10 rounds that were measured with the highest precision across a variety of quality control tests to ensure that this ammo’s performance will be extremely consistent and excellent. The ballistic coefficient of Hornady 50 BMG A-MAX is 1.050. The muzzle velocity is 2820 fps, dropping to a velocity of 2376 fps at 500 yards.

Hornady Match ammo features casings that are selected based on specific wall thickness uniformity, internal capacity, weight and wall concentricity to ensure that the specific powder that is matched to the load creates the optimal pressure and velocity equaling consistent accuracy on every shot. Hornady employs ballistic experts working to develop ammo of the highest quality and best performance possible. Get your next winning box from us!


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